Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Make Homemade Body Lotion

The body lotion tutorial:

The process of making body lotion is nothing else but fairly easy. First off you will need to procure your lotion making supplies that comprise the following: an emulsifying wax, oil, water, a colorant, and a fragrance.

Best Mixers

Step one: The first step in making body lotion is to mix your oils and water in with your emulsifying wax. This will generate the base of your lotion. The emulsifying wax is what keeps the water and oils from separating.

Step two: The second step in making body lotion is to add your valuable oils or fragrance oils. valuable oils will make your body lotion scented and can contribute aromatherapy effects. Fragrance oils can also be used to give your lotion a nice scent.

Step three: The third step in making body lotion is to add your colorants. These colorants can be from a laboratory or they can come from natural sources. If you plan on marketing your handcrafted skin care products as natural skin care products then you will want to use natural coloring agents like paprika, mica, or oxides.

Step four: The fourth step is to bottle your product. You can place your lotions into a jar, tube or into a pump or squirt bottle. You can make convention labels to attach on the bottles with your enterprise name, logo and ingredients.

In increasing to making a basic body lotion you can also add things to the lotion to make it special. One beloved additive to body lotion is glitter. Other beloved additives for body lotions are Spf and tint.

How to Make Homemade Body Lotion

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